A livery vehicle has been manufactured with livery operators in mind!

We take customer feedback seriously and all the input we have gathered over the last 6 years has been combined with new innovative engineering that has not been taken to market by any other bus builder in the industry.

The result will be a game changer!


Built on a Mercedes cab-chassis, the new
Battisti Customs Sprinter Bus has been custom engineered to allow you to maintain the sleek elegant style of a Mercedes Sprinter van but with dimensions and components that are suited specifically for you.


The new Sprinter Bus series vehicles exemplify the ultimate in sleek Mercedes body styles combined with the elegance of Battisti Customs interiors and allow maximum use specifically for the livery industry.

*NEW EDITION* 2016 G2 Limousine Sprinter Bus for the LCT Show

Passengers: 14Seating Style: Chairmen Bentley Style Seating

2016 Battisti Customs Sprinter Bus G2 Limousine

Passengers: 15Seating Style: Chairmen Bentley Style Seating

Sprinter Bus Executive Shuttle with ADA Lift

Passengers: 12Seating Style: Chairmen Bentley Style Seating